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    Jul 31, 2017
    23 (27 Banked)
    Okay so while the name does not represent it - I am the current President of the Australasian Horror Writers Association.

    I was born in Wanganui, New Zealand and at the age of 12 my family moved to the Gold Coast. I was a promising young cricketer making numerous representative teams both in New Zealand and in Australia - including making it to the Junior Bulls Cricket Academy - however on September 6th 2000 I was playing Rugby Union for my school.

    In my fav. role of fullback I kicked the ball into touch as we were up by a few points with a couple minutes to go and copped an elbow under my neck (it was late, high and deliberate). I fell to the ground and was unable to move.

    After being rushed to hospital scans and x-rays showed that I had Dislocated my C1 on C2 vertebrae. I was transferred from GC Hospital to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane where I was placed in weighted traction to try and correct the neck.

    I was told that I may never walk again, however made it my objective to walk out of hospital and eventually I did.

    This put an end to my sporting career and therefore studied for a Diploma in Journalism (Sports Writing and Match Reporting) and ran my own sports news portal for seven years before selling it and getting out.

    I had always been passionate about writing and took it more seriously. I stumbled across the AHWA a couple years ago and signed up. And have only ever wanted to contribute and once again make it relevant.

    We are hopeful that the changes we have made recently will go a long way to achieving this.

    I currently live in Wagga Wagga but am looking to move closer to Sydney, I have a fiancee (just last week we celebrated 7 years together) and combined we have four boys ranging from 12 right down to 3.

    Still love my sport, and will hopefully find time shortly to do some writing.

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